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Republic of Bashkortostan

About us

Narrow-focus service for repair of indecomposable cardan shafts of foreign-made cars. We have been working since 2009.

We remake of the indecomposable cardan shafts to the demountable serviced shaft, that is, we install new cross-pieces with fixation by closing rings. In principle, we do not do “punching”, in the future client can independently replace the cross-piece by removing the closing rings.

Our main customers are organizations and individuals, owners of commercial vehicles Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter. There are always available cross-pieces, hanger bearings, as well as repaired and new cardan shafts for these cars.

A complete list of cars and works in the section “our works”.

We invite car companies and individuals to cooperation.

We work for cash and non-cash payment.

Delivery from all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan by transport companies “KIT”, “Delovie linii”  and “PEC”.

• We are near the highway M5.


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